• An Illinois Driver's License or IL State ID and date of birth
  • A recent piece of mail with the correct name and address such as paid water bill, phone or power bill, voter's registration card, passport, etc.
  • The application must have a residential address. Street addresses are required with any PO Box address
  • A correct telephone number

Residents and property owners within the Mount Olive City limits pay a library tax as part of their property taxes and are entitled to library cards at no additional fee. A resident library card is valid for 3 years and is renewable as long as you live within the city limits.

Patrons living outside of the corporate city limits must pay for a yearly  Non-Resident Library Card because the library does not receive any property taxes from areas outside the city limits. (see Non-Resident Card section below)

As the Mt. Olive Public Library is a part of the Illinois Heartland Library System and a SHARE member, no library cards will be issued if there is an outstanding charge at another library. 

Parents must have a valid library card before cards are issued to minors.

After library cards are issued, each card holder may take out two books per visit. When books are returned, two more books may be check out. After a three (3) month probation period, a maximum of 6 books and 2 DVDs (per household) may be checked out.

You must have your library card with you in order to check out items. Lost cards are subject to a $1.00 replacement fee.

No check outs will be allowed by any family member if items are not returned or outstanding fines total $5.00 or more.


Patrons who live outside the Mount Olive Corporate City Limits must purchase a non-resident library card as per Illinois Statute (75 ILCS 5/4-7 section12) ... A person residing outside of an public library service area must apply for a non-resident library card at the public library located closest to the person's principal residence. The non-resident cards shall allow for borrowing privileges at all participating public libraries in the regional library system.

Only yearly cards will be offered with no exceptions. Individuals who do not pay taxes on property within the Mount Olive City limits may purchase a yearly non-resident library card which is available for $25.00 per residential address.

The Non-Resident Fee will be waived if:

Upon proving you own property within the city limits and pay library taxes on your yearly county real estate taxes or if you own and operate a business with the Mt. Olive city limits.

Congratulations! Your new library card allows you to borrow items at any library in the Illinois Heartland Library System.